• 1.9L heat exchanger boiler stainless steel AISI 316
• 1.8L internal water tank
• E61 themosiphon group with mechanical pre-infusion
• Vibration pump
• Boiler power 1500W/230Vac – 1300W/120Vac
• Energy Saving System
• WiFi connection with Web App
• Complete set of accessories for user experience

– Fully insulated boiler to improve heating efficiency.

– Line/Pump pressure gauge.
– Boiler pressure gauge.
– Removable internal water reservoir with integrated protection cover and anti-drip valve. Rounded internal edges for an easier cleaning.
– Internal spillover basin made in high resistance plastic and completely closed to protect user and internal components.
– Removable drip tray.
– Stainless Steelcup frame.
– Adjustable legs.
– Cold Touch steam wand with “Purge” function.
– Hot water wand with removable nozzle for easier cleaning.
– Electronic thermal management with SSR (Solid State Relay) with PID algorithm to achieve high thermal stability and reactivity.
– Electronic diagnostic for fault detection.
– Adjustable boiler temperature with potentiometer, range 115-130°C.
– High efficiency led panel for:
Machine ON/OFF
Machine ready/heated up
Water tank level with pre-alarm/alarm indicator
– Green mindset: Cube is compliant to the “Ecodesign” European directive 2009/125/EC for home appliances.
– Connected. With an internal WiFi module it’s possible to connect a smartphone to the machine using our WebApp with point-to-point or cloud communication. WiFi module integrates OTA technology (OverTheAir) which allow an easy software update for WiFi module using web connection.