Our Story

Our Belief
If there is anything more important than the satisfaction to be had from a perfectly made coffee, then it is the appreciation of the work that has been undertaken to prepare it.
We believe that the key to the perfect cup lies in the process of the production. You can’t make great coffee without a great roast; you can’t make a great roast without great beans. You can’t grow great beans without years of industry knowledge, and the best place to access that? SO Coffee.
Our aim is to provide your business and home with the smoothest and most great tasting coffee, in order for you in turn to provide your customers, friends and family with the highest possible level of satisfaction. From choosing the birthplace of the beans and the story behind each individual coffee, to providing you with the information you need to get the best out of them; everything we do is done in the name of quality.
Where the idea came from & why?
Coffee shops have been and still are a huge part of everyday life, especially my life. They have become one of the most popular social hubs of the UK, an opportunity to meet, greet and treat friends and family alike. Being a professional rugby player, they have provided me with the perfect alternative to pubs and clubs. The game might be a haven for less athletic figures but, even so, we can’t all afford the extra calories beer has to offer.
Being a student for three years also gave me an insight into why coffee is so popular in almost every walk of life. Coffee has overtaken tea in terms of popularity in the UK, and as the demand for coffee grows, so too does the demand for quality.
For me, the thing I love most about coffee is what it lets us do. Whether we’re on a break from the office, meeting friends and family, in a building site café, finishing up from a busy schedule – or beginning one – coffee helps bring us a bit closer to life. It helps us engage with one another as well as everything else around us. We’re all about putting smiles on peoples’ faces – in whatever way we can – and for us, that way is providing you, and them, with great coffee.
The idea is simple.
We provide our customers with smooth, high quality coffee; You provide your family, friends and customers with the greatest experience.