Our Identity

Established, roasted and distributed in South Wales, So Coffee is more than a morning wake up call: It is an experience. 
As our director, former professional rugby player Scott Otten has recently experienced, it is never too late to create a new identity. His recent early retirement inspired him to create four ethically sourced premium coffee blends, consisting of both classic and new aromas. This was a poignant process, proving that you are able to move forward, whilst embracing your past. For this reason, we still provide our customers with our timeless Blend 10, now aptly named Olympus. When discussing his new identity and the next stage of his life, Scott like many, listed qualities that everyone should hold and value:
Olympus, the Greek God of Home;
Kratos, the Greek God of Strength;
Eros, the Greek God of Love;
 Hypnos, the Greek God of Recharging.
To endeavour to become the best version of himself, these four beliefs quickly became principles to live by.
Why SO Coffee?
A brief explanation from our Director, Scott Otten
"Coffee shops have always been a huge part of my everyday life. Visiting as a child, later in life as a student and even now as an individual who has their own, every time that I walk through the doors of a coffee shop, I am instantly excited. They are the social hubs of society and unite people from all walks of life. Having found a passion for coffee early on in life, it wasn't until several years ago that I learned to appreciate just why I loved it so much, and that is because it simply brings people together. Having been a professional rugby player, coffee shops provided my team mates and I with the perfect alternative to pubs, especially when in season. This inspired me when discovering the new identity of SO Coffee.


The backbone of the brand is that we strive to bring people together.

We aim to unite friends & family, colleagues or even people that you've not yet met. Everyone has a story and we want to help you to tell it. 

 We’re all about putting smiles on peoples’ faces – in whatever way we can – and for us, that way is providing great coffee.
From choosing the birthplace of the beans and the story behind each individual coffee, to providing you with the information you need to get the best out of them; everything we do is done in the name of quality."