Our Coffee

Olympus is the client favourite, why you ask? Our house blend is full of chocolate aromas, with a blend of 20% Robusta and 80% Arabica Peruvian and Ethiopian beans. Olympus is balanced so well it will encourage you to enjoy your morning espresso but will also punch through your milk superbly for any flat white, latte and cappuccino. A real sense and taste of a chocolatey hot drink. 

Tasting Notes | Our House Blend consists of 80% arabica and 20% robusta beans which creates a delightful chocolatey aroma. An extremely well balanced blend which is the perfect smooth full bodied espresso, with the strength to cut through any milk based drink such as cappuccino, latte and flat-white. 

EROS is a premium 100% Arabica coffee that promises to be one of the smoothest espresso to ever touch your lips. The nutmeg aroma will bring you a sense of warmth and love to your morning coffee. With a sweetness to the body of the espresso, the chocolate, sugar cane and blackcurrant truly compliments each other to provide your taste buds with.. heaven in a cup. If you know coffee, then you'll soon come to know that this Kenyan / Costa Rican coffee is the best on the market. 
Tasting Notes | This medium roast Kenyan beans creates a fruity sweetness. This sweetness combines with blackcurrant, chocolate and sugar cane to create a pleasant, lingering finish. Well-balanced espresso which is delightful espresso but has the body to cut through milk for cappuccino, latte and flat white. 
Kratos is our strongest blend to date, but what makes it 'so' good? This blend is a washed robusta which takes out all of the harshness from the Robusta. It provides you with a real kick from the espresso with a fantastic rich and sweet aroma. A thick, creamy espresso that will inspire your mornings. A smooth, powerful coffee with golden syrup, nutty and rich chocolate ganache aromas.

Tasting Notes | A powerful rich chocolate ganache. High notes of golden syrup sweetness. Thick, creamy body with roasted walnut and rich chocolate ganache on the finish. 

Hypnos is our decaf coffee which will give you a sense of warmth and satisfaction that can be drunk any hour of the day. Our decaf coffee has aromas of dark chocolate, sweet toffee and apple, alongside malt to provide you with a hot drink that can be enjoyed at home during those long stressful days and early evenings. 
Tasting Notes | Our decaf is from the Mexican Mountains, with sweet tasting notes of toffee and apple. Our decaf will provide you with comforting aroma of nutty dark chocolate making it the perfect drink to fill you with warmth for every hour of the day.