Our Coffee

100% Arabica The Classic 1984
Family has always been hugely important to me, as too many of you. I owe an awful lot to them, especially my parents. They’re there for the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. Their guidance and support is one of the main reasons why SO Coffee was born, so now, you owe them them too! I decided to dedicate this coffee to the year of my parents marriage in St. Thomas’ Church, Swansea, all those years ago – 1984.
Tasting Notes | A medium roast of Fortaleza Espresso beans from Brazil and Central America, our 1984 roast provides buttery, caramel sweetness with vanilla notes; it is a young, aromatic, and energetic blend, with a wonderfully pleasant and lingering finish.
Fairtrade Front 5
From the moment we started searching for a name where a bean is best described as ‘rounded’, the choice seemed simple. As a front 5 forward I’ll be the first to admit that the game still has a place for the less athletic individuals among us. 
Tasting Notes | Our Front 5 beans are sourced from the famous Huila region of Western Columbia; it consists, as we said, of a well rounded bean with a complex, fruity body; Notes of toffee apple and blackcurrant combine with subtle hints of dark chocolate to provide a sweet and juicy blend.
Houseblend Blend10
With a drop kick to your morning, this 10/10 houseblend will give you everything you need to start your day off right. Named after the vibrancy and creativity of those who normally wear the No.10 shirt, the perfect 80/20 ratio of Arabica/Robusta. Our Blend10 provides the perfect mix of Peruvian, Brazilian and Central American beans.
Tasting Notes | The kick of this dark espresso roast is bold and energetic, and is incredibly well balanced with a sweetness reminiscent of cocoa powder and heavy baking chocolate.
Power of 8
Packed full of flavour and strength, our single origin 100% Robusta is the smoothest, strongest and one of the best tasting coffees you are guaranteed to try. With 2/3rds more caffeine than any of our original blends, our Power of 8 may not be for the faint hearted! Hook yourself a bag of this coffee for a real drive to your morning.
Tasting Notes | Powerful cocoa armoa, high notes of golden syrup sweetness, thick, creamy body with roasted walnut and rich chocolate ganache on the finish.