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Bocs Bwyd

SO Coffee product available with Bocs Bwyd? 
Who are Bocs Bwyd?
Bocs Bwyd was established in 2023 by Alex, a full-time primary school teacher, and Lauren, a full-time social worker. Despite the demands of their professions, they decided to embark on a new challenge and venture into entrepreneurship. Their shared love for spending leisure time in local coffee shops and trying different blends inspired them to start their own business. Prior to launching Bocs Bwyd, they sought advice from us at SO Coffee. Alex described SO Coffee as 'a supportive presence' throughout their journey. Bocs Bwyd have already participated in various events, including markets, charity events, and corporate functions where they supplied SO Coffee and other local goods to the likes of DPD Swansea employees. This marks just the beginning for Bocs Bwyd, and we are excited about the future possibilities and collaboration.
Where can Bocs Bwyd be found?
Upcoming events:
27th March

Easter Family Fun Day
Morriston Park, Swansea

30th March
Velindre Market
Velindre, Swansea

20th April
Penllegaer Market
Penllegaer, Swansea

28th April
‘Wag This Way’, Cardiff City Hospice Charity Event
Bute Park, Cardiff

How to contact Bocs Bwyd?
Alex Kiley: 07817555705 

Social Media
Instagram: Bocs Bwyd
Facebook: Bocs Bwyd