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Rex-Royal S2 MCT-CF Bean To Cup Coffee Machine
Coffee Mobile Trolley
Rex-Royal S2 MCT-CF Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Rex-Royal S2 MCT-CF | Bean To Cup

For full packages, lease and purchase prices please see form below. We create bespoke packages to suit your needs, please contact us directly for full kit out packages, lease and purchase prices.

As with all "M" models, the MCT-CF model can also be used for all coffee and milk/mixed beverages as well as hot milk. Our CF CompactFoam milk system also offers the option of cold or hot milk foam in the desired consistency, allowing you to enjoy a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato, for example, as foamed by a barista, even as a double serving. The CF milk pump is built into the coffee machine and thus allows each user to select the appropriate refrigerator of 4, 7, 9 to 10 litres capacity to suit their needs or area of use. The HACCP-certified cleaning process guarantees hygienically flawless operation of the appliance with minimal time expenditure.

  • Premium coffee quality thanks to the high-quality, more powerful Rex-Royal metal brewing unit with a capacity of 16 grams of ground coffee per brewing operation
  • Intuitive menu navigation thanks to the 7-inch touch screen for the simple and efficient selection of a drink
  • Simple to run and maintain thanks to visual user prompts and automatic cleaning
  • Place advertising messages and ambient images on the display
  • Modular construction for short intervention and maintenance times for a long-term and secure investment
  • With the Rex-Royal CompactFoam System, you will be able to realise very compact and creamy warm or cold milk foam
  • Variety of cooling units with a fresh milk capacity of 4, 7, 9, or 10 litres. The 10-litre compressor fridge can ONLY be used under the sideboard
  • With options like cup warmers, cup dispensers, and mobile solutions, the Rex-Royal coffee machines are perfectly suited to meet your requirements
  • The automatic, HACCP-certified cleaning process guarantees the machine will run in a perfectly hygienic way with minimal time expenditure

Rating - 220-240V - 50/60 Hz | 380-415V - 50/60 Hz
Power - 0P2.0-2.4 kW | 2.8-3.3 kW | 4.7-5.5 kW
Water Hot - 23 l/h
Weight - 52.5
Width - 390mm
Height - 635mm
Depth - 550mm

Mobile trolley to include water self-supply, pump, and for monitoring water container’
Milk pump including auto clean for refrigerators right side
Hot water bypass
Second grinder for decaf
Rex Royal cloud modem ohne SIM karte


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