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Raising the awareness for Mental Health, one step at a time..

Raising the awareness for Mental Health, one step at a time..

Nov 15, 2023 (Updated on May 2, 2024)

Saturday 20th May 2023


On Saturday 20th May 2023, our founder Scott Otten and another 16 individuals set off to walk the Welsh Three Peaks in just 24 hours.

17 men, who most did not know each other before, coming together for one great cause, raising the awareness of Mental Health. 

Scott quoted,

'This was one of the most incredible atmospheres I have ever been a part of, no matter how tired or sore someone felt, or whether they were battling physically or mentally, there was always another person there to pull them a long'

'The biggest part of it, is that the banter and the smiles never stopped. All 17 got to the top of all three peaks and all 17 stuck together throughout'

'I am really excited to announce how much money we have raised collectively for Swansea Mind on Friday 26th May 2023'

'A huge thank you to those who took part, thank you to my partner, Hannah, for your huge support throughout all of the planning and on the day. Thank you to Darren and Dean who drove the busses and kept the morale high and to those who have donated and shared. It really does help accelerate the awareness of Mental Health and provides Swansea Mind with better opportunities to help more and more people'

'Thank you to The Crazy Baker, FLWangler Opticians, Mecca 'Bingo' in the Community, Fiture Sportswear, The Charging Hub, Baglan Morrisons Community and Signinc for your support' 

Please Check Out The Just Giving Fundraising Page


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