Bravilor Bonamat Novo, Quick Filter Percolator

SO Coffee Trades Ltd

  • £250.00

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- 600 free cups of Blend10 ground coffee 50x60g bags

- 2 glass decanters

- Filter papers

- 12 months warranty


Amperage 13A
Electrical connection 230V
Height 42.4cm
Depth 39.1cm
Width 21.4cm
Weight 8kg
Hourly output 144 cups
Holding capacity 24 cups
Brewing time 6 mins
Power rating 2.23kw

The Bravilor Bonamat Novo is a quick filter machine. Fill decanters up at tap (no water connection needed).
1.7 litre jug space.
2 self-regulating hot plates that preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee.
5 minutes to brew up your delicious SO Coffee.
Can produce 1,500 cups of coffee per day.