Swansea University WRFC & RFC


2017/18 Season

We took a fantastic opportunity this year to link up with Swansea University in 2018' a chance to sponsor all 8 women and mens BUCS rugby teams. It is great for us to a part of a strong and ever growing educational system and very successful sporting organisation. 
Swansea University offer wide range of courses, and undergraduate degrees along with the option of a postgraduate degree. A fantastic place to start researching, learning and living a small part of what could be your dream job. 
University can be very stressful, long hours but it is also a place where people meet lifelong friends and future partners. A vast amount of socialising whether that be food or a few beers with your mates. If you yourself have been to university or know someone who does then one thing we all know is how University Students and Staff have a real taste for coffee, all types off coffee. From double espressos to wake you up Thursday morning after a night on Wind Street to a skinny sugar-free caramel latte during coursework... or something like that!
Those reasons and many more is why here at SO Coffee we are delighted to be a small part of Swansea University's rugby achievements along with a chance of providing them with our very nice coffee! 
Thank you again for reading and showing your support to both SCT & Swansea University.