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• Caldera intercambiadora de calor de 1.9L acero inoxidable AISI 316
• Tanque de agua interno de 1.8L
• Grupo temosifón E61 con preinfusión mecánica
• Bomba de vibración
• Potencia de la caldera 1500W/230Vac – 1300W/120Vac
• Sistema de ahorro de energía
• Conexión WiFi con Web App
• Conjunto completo de accesorios para la experiencia del usuario

– Caldera totalmente aislada para mejorar la eficiencia de la calefacción.

– Manómetro de línea/bomba.
– Manómetro de caldera.
– Depósito de agua interno extraíble con cubierta de protección integrada y válvula antigoteo. Bordes internos redondeados para una limpieza más fácil.
– Lavabo de desbordamiento interno fabricado en plástico de alta resistencia y completamente cerrado para proteger al usuario y a los componentes internos.
– Bandeja de goteo extraíble.
– Marco de copa de acero inoxidable.
– Patas ajustables.
– Varita de vapor Cold Touch con función "Purge".
– Varita de agua caliente con boquilla extraíble para facilitar la limpieza.
– Gestión térmica electrónica con SSR (Solid State Relay) con algoritmo PID para conseguir una alta estabilidad térmica y reactividad.
– Diagnóstico electrónico para la detección de fallos.
– Temperatura de caldera ajustable con potenciómetro, rango 115-130°C.
– Panel led de alta eficiencia para:
Encendido/APAGADO de la máquina
Máquina lista/calentada
Nivel del tanque de agua con prealarma / indicador de alarma
– Mentalidad verde: Cube cumple con la directiva europea "Ecodiseño" 2009/125/EC para electrodomésticos.
– Conectado. Con un módulo WiFi interno es posible conectar un smartphone a la máquina utilizando nuestra WebApp con comunicación punto a punto o en la nube. El módulo WiFi integra la tecnología OTA (OverTheAir) que permite una fácil actualización de software para el módulo WiFi mediante conexión web.

So why choose SO Coffee?

Coffee shops have always played a significant role in our every day lives. They serve as social hubs that bring people from all walks of life together. As a professional rugby player, Scott and his teammates often frequented coffee shops instead of pubs during the season. This inspired him to create a brand that aims to unite people and help them share their stories.

Community & Charity

The backbone of SO Coffee is the belief in bringing people together. The company seeks to unite friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers. Each year we organise golf days and support charities to raise awareness and donations. This includes endurance challenges such as walking the Welsh three peaks in 24 hours.


Our mission is to become a Net Zero company by 2025, whilst influencing our supplies to reduce their carbon footprint. We continue to specifically hand pick our coffee beans to ensure fair practise in the farms we work with. All of our package is made of fully recyclable low density polyethylene, known as LPDE.


House Blend

The blend of Peruvian and Ethiopian Arabica beans in Olympus creates a distinct chocolatey flavour profile that is highly enjoyable for clients. The addition of 20% Robusta beans adds depth and strength to the blend, making it versatile for both espresso and milk-based drinks. The balanced nature of Olympus allows it to retain its rich chocolate aroma while still being able to cut through the milk, resulting in a delicious and satisfying hot drink experience. The combination of the chocolatey aroma, smoothness, and versatility makes Olympus a favourite among clients.

Eros Premium

100% Arabica

EROS is a premium 100% Arabica coffee that offers a smooth and flavourful espresso experience. The nutmeg aroma adds warmth and love to your morning coffee. The combination of chocolate, sugar cane, and blackcurrant creates a sweetness that complements each other perfectly and provides a heavenly taste. This Kenyan / Costa Rican coffee is considered the best on the market.

The medium roast Kenyan beans bring a fruity sweetness to the espresso, which is enhanced by the notes of blackcurrant, chocolate, and sugar cane. The balance of flavours makes it a delightful espresso on its own and also works well when mixed with milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites.


100% Robusta

Kratos, our strongest blend to date, stands out due to its unique characteristics. The blend is made from a washed Robusta, which removes any harshness typically associated with this type of coffee bean. As a result, Kratos offers a smooth and creamy espresso with a bold flavour profile. One of the key aspects that makes Kratos so good is its ability to provide a real kick of energy. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a strong and invigorating coffee experience.

Additionally, the blend boasts a fantastic rich and sweet aroma that adds to the overall enjoyment of the drink. When tasting Kratos, the prominent flavours that come through are high notes of golden syrup sweetness and a powerful rich chocolate ganache. These flavours are complemented by a thick and creamy body, providing a luxurious mouthfeel. The finish is characterized by roasted walnut and the lingering taste of rich chocolate ganache.

Kratos is a smooth, powerful, and flavourful coffee blend that combines the best qualities of Robusta coffee with a refined taste. It is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a strong and bold espresso experience in the mornings..



Hypnos is our decaf coffee, perfect for those who want a warm and satisfying cup of coffee at any time of the day. Sourced from the Mexican Mountains, this decaf coffee offers a delightful combination of flavours. You'll taste the sweetness of toffee and apple, creating a pleasant and refreshing experience. 

In addition, the comforting aroma of nutty dark chocolate adds a layer of warmth and cosiness to every sip. Whether you're in need of a pick-me-up during a long and stressful day or want to unwind in the early evening, our decaf coffee will be your go-to beverage. Enjoy it in the comfort of your own home and let it provide you with the relaxation and contentment you deserve.